Will Han return in Episode IX of Star Wars?


The filming of the still untitled Episode IX of Star Wars has just begun, and with it come as always the expectation, the rumors and the most crazy theories and speculations. Today I want to talk about one of those speculations here, born after a tweet from Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks (who, by the way, said that he enjoyed a lot with “Solo, A Story of Star Wars”), that, perhaps being the most absurd of all, is one of those that has caught my attention: Will we see the character of Han in the last episode of the Skywalker Saga?

In the tweet he said: “If, due to a time travel device or the Force, there’s a plot development that allows Lando to repeat his EMPIRE STRIKES BACK line “There’s still a chance to save Han!” and get us back to that fateful bridge on Starkiller base? Then I’ll kiss JJ on the mouth. I’ll French him even”.


Then, thinking about it, I told myself that there is no nonsense that is not allowed in a movie of these characteristics if it is scripted and filmed well. That is, it is a matter of imagining Han Solo reappearing by surprise, being he the main surprised, with that WTF face that is the actor’s specialty. The justification would not be very difficult … A planet that used hyperspace to compress suns (in the terms of scifi space opera of the movie) has exploded and that has convulsed the lines of space-time. Han has come out of that chaos, alive, in somewhere strange place.

I do not think so. But I do believe that after having killed his father the role of this in a possible redemption of Ben Solo seems important enough to expect some surprise … Although it is hard to believe that they can keep such a secret, the presence of Lando and the reunion between both are things that also invite you to think about Ford. For the previous one they kept secret that Frank Oz (puppeteer and Yoda’s voice) was on the set, true, but with Harrison Ford something like that seems more difficult.
The fact is that the end that the good fans of the saga imagine is a redemption of Ben Solo through the love of Rey. But it’s difficult to imagine that love, and that redemption, without closing the chapter of the murder of his father.

On the other hand, Carrie Fisher left us. The saga is that of the Skywalker, which began with the central episodes, before anyone knew they were such a thing, and in this trilogy the old characters are rescued to bring Star Wars to its climax (at least as far as the Skywalker family is concerned and for the next twenty or thirty years).
Although at first I did not give any credence to the possibility, now I allow myself to doubt it. Because what we can be sure of is that there will be no opportunity to see Harrison Ford again as Han Solo in 30 years … But there is it now, and the question that comes to my mind, more after that Han’s death was a decision triggered by a story that needed it at that moment, is if J.J. Abrams would let this opportunity pass.
The truth is that the death of the character was so clear that no one seriously considered his return. And that’s another reason why the character can come back.
Posts to speculate, Kevin Smith’s tweet may have been a ploy to bring the rumor to the fore.

We can also ask how Han fits in the recent news about Carrie Fisher’s rescued performances of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, which will be used in the last episode. The latest rumors suggest that Carrie Fisher’s role as Leia will be more than a tribute and that it will have a purpose in the history. Maybe this will eliminate the need to get hold of Han, or maybe we will see him in some flashback; although these are not part of the kind of cinematographic language that is usually used to tell the stories of the far away galaxy.
If those scenes have a (deep?) meaning on the fate of Kylo Ren / Ben Solo, will Han be involved? And, if it is, to what extent, and, above all, in what way?

“Kill me out of anger and I will always be with you, just like your father”. Luke Skywalker.

And of course, it would be great to see the characters of Lando Calrissian and Han Solo together for the third time in the movies. I don´t think so, but the best part of all the time until the premiere of Episode IX is that we can imagine everything we want.




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