Star Wars haters: Carpe Diem


This week I have seen Episodes VII and VIII of Star Wars twice, although I should say “The Skywalker Saga”.

This goes more than anything, of course, for Star Wars fans. These are films that work perfectly. Star Wars pure, both. Really, I don’t know what buts people see yet. The haters lost their childhood a long time ago, and as they lost their childhood they are already unable to enjoy this kind of movies as they did when they were children. People who dream with stories that are impossible to have, with an immaculate and heavenly Luke, as young and slender as Mark Hamill himself was forty years ago. As if time had never passed. The criticism of recalcitrant fans is, in the end, a tantrum of a spoiled child because things are not as they want them to be.

But is that the enjoyment of movies like these is not in the age. It goes in the mentality. To mature should not imply ceasing to be able to see the things that surround us with the perspective of when we were younger, because in that perspective is the key to everything. Unfortunately, this is easy to write, but very few keep that perspective intact.
One of the fundamental things when entering into fiction, in any fiction, whether narrated in writing or by audiovisual means, is to keep intact the suspension of disbelief, the other is not to have prejudices. The latter is even more important. Most of the viewers go to this type of movies, first, not because they love them, but because they are a trend. They go like sheep. Hey, that’s fine, if above they don’t criticize something that they are very far from understanding.

Others go because they are fans and expect something that is impossible: They hope to live again the same sensations that they experienced when they were children.
But we are not children anymore. We have grown. The trick is to set aside the ego that we have built on the basis of opinions we have made over the years about all things, theoretically more and more wise; is to stop trying to explain everything we see according to criteria of our own world and our own experience, and let ourselves be led by what the film proposes. You have to go to the cinema WITHOUT PREJUDICES. As if we were children, we are not, but we must know how to keep intact that spirit of acceptance of history, which, ladies and gentlemen, is what made us vibrate when we were children with these stories. And if today we don’t, the fault is not in the movies, it is in us. Because you know what ?, I’ve enjoyed a lot the two times I’ve seen the two films this week.

Just like when I was a kid and my sister and I put every Saturday morning The Empire Strikes Back. We were doing it for at least two years in a row. It was the last film of the original trilogy that we had yet to see. So when our parents brought it home that was a treasure. And that same feeling of being in front of a real treasure is what overwhelms me every time I go to the premiere of one of these films. It’s not that I’m not clear about what I like, nor about my capacity for criticism. That’s why I know, for example, that Rogue One is a rather loose movie, compared to all the other Star Wars films, (Han Solo included).
Because we get used to new technologies, and we stop valuing the art and the work behind it. We believe that it is easy to do those things. They are born overnight. That the next year will come another, and then another, and another. But no. That is false. It is a distorted perception due to our lack of perspective and our inability to know how to value what is given to us in the time in which we live.
For many years there were no Star Wars movies. For my younger self, the thought of ever making a new Star Wars movie beyond The Return of the Jedi was simply a dream. So these films don’t stop being a dream come true, and for me in both senses, because before the Force Awakening premiered I dreamed of it.

And they will not last a lifetime. The  sequels will end in 2019. The saga of the Skywalker will end in 2019. Maybe other Star Wars movies will come, yes, sure. But no longer like those. No longer those. And if you keep going to the cinema loaded with more prejudices than illusion, without being willing to let yourself be carried away by the story that the modern storyteller of our days will be telling you from the fire of new technologies, you will be wasting an important part of life. For me, at least, a very important one.
What do you care more, Star Wars hater, be right, or just let yourself go and be happy while the movie lasts? That this is not politics, cretin. This is art.

There are times when I go to watch films with high expectations, such as Valerian and Jurassis World, and I leave the cinema quite disappointed (above all in the case of Bayonne’s movie …), but fortunately that has not been anywhere near the case with the sequels movies of the saga of the Skywalker.
Believe an expert in those conflicts. They are a true wonder. I can’t think of a more flagrant case of carpe diem violation than a true Star Wars fan not knowing how to enjoy Episodes VII and VIII.

In brief I’ll write an article exposing, from a more technical and detailed point of view, each one of the sequences of Episode VIII, what I think about them, what was criticized about them, and why the mistake of those criticisms.



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