Total speculation, or fatal spoiler … Is Rey Anakin Skywalker? (That’s why we could not be told that she was a Skywalker: it was the least).


The idea isn’t new. But it hasn’t occurred to me by read what was written or said by nobody else. I have come to it on my own, through my own thoughts about the saga.

There is an obvious structural parallelism, at a macro level, of titles in the series:
The Return of the Jedi, who at first we thought, for many years, that he was referring to Luke, but that it was really referring to Anakin Skywalker.
It’s the last title of the central trilogy in the saga. And the first of the following impacts on the same: The Force Awakens: Rey.

Of course, there are many more parallels between the two, at various levels.
The desert planet, its mysterious conception … I believe that Anakin and Rey are partly the same thing.
And that makes it MUCH more interesting that we didn’t know anything about Rey’s parents in the VIII.

It’s perhaps not so much that they are the same thing, but that they share the essence of that same thing. A cyclical turn of a reincarnated power, something like that. The more you think about it, in relation to everything we know about the saga, the more sense it has.

I suppose that, if this were the case, the story of Episode IX would have implications for the place where the ghosts of the Force live, and that this place would not be, at that moment, a haven of peace. Because Anakin would not be there anymore. (Because he, or it, would be Rey).

And you, what do you think?

I, in any case, if the story of IX has nothing to do with this, I’ll love it equally, if it surprises and excites me as previous films have done.



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