Why if we don’t see Anakin Skywalker in Episode IX (and preferably played by Hyden Christensen), a part of me will be disappointed, as much as I like the movie… unless…


I think if something has been able to show the entries I’ve written in this blog is how much I like ALL Star Wars movies, or maybe I should specify, and say the Saga of the Skywalker. (I love too Solo). His conception seems epic, not only at a level of his internal story, but too how they have been brewing throughout different periods, from the first visionary script of George Lucas, enhanced by the vision of magnificent people around him, that ended up making Star Wars grow up to be the galactic epic of our time, the evocation of our future, told in the key of our past, but also from the taste and the sensitivity (that not everyone has). Above all, from the need of our time.

Each trilogy of the saga has its strongest points, but all contribute in something decisively. However, and understandably, which we can most doubt what it is that contributes so decisively to the whole is the trilogy of the sequels, and if we are fair to them, it is undoubtedly by these two things: they are yet unfinished, and we lack perspective to be able to judge them properly within the whole saga.

JJ Abrams said at the end of last year (after a founding film of this third trilogy, “The Force Awakens”, in which the Disney guidelines were undoubtedly approaching the originals as much as possible, avoiding the prequels, a position forced by an economic interest and certainly not very wise), that Episode IX would be an integrating film of the three trilogies. The cusp that would eventually reveal the master column on which the nine films are held.


Already in Episode VIII Rian Johnson knew how to abstract from the Disney guidelines, introducing the prequel era through one of the conversations that Luke and Rey maintain, in which without a doubt it was one of the best moments of “The Last Jedi”.

The fact is, if this is indeed the Saga of the Skywalker, and Rey is not a Skywalker, something doesn’t quite fit into this saga. Maybe there are things that escape us, that certainly haven’t been told yet, but about which we can speculate.

Many criticized the death of Luke in the VIII. The story arc of Luke, the characterization of his character in “The Last Jedi” was perhaps the decisive factor that inflamed the fans who didn’t know how to get carried away by the wonder that made us live Rian Johnson in his film. But for me it can be one of the fundamental aspects to think about the things we’ll see in Episode IX.

Already in the artistic and visual design phase of Episode VIII, some ideas were shuffled about the importance of the reality in the story where those who are capable of becoming Force ghosts live.
We have seen them appear progressively throughout the saga: the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode II, the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi in V, The ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin in VI , the voices of Yoda and Obi-Wan in the VII, the ghost of Yoda, again in the VIII…


It gives the sensation that throughout the films a parallel history runs that we don´t see, that would give to write entire novels, and it flows more in that other reality.
A story that the mastery demonstrated by Dave Filoni in Rebels shows that it could be told, and that even something of it will be seen in the IX. And it is in that part of the story that we still don’t know anything, and whose final part may be told in the IX, where undoubtedly lies the importance of the character of Anakin, of which the only thing we have witnessed in this trilogy it is the testimony of his physical death, the helmet melted by the purifying fire with which Luke burned the body of his redeemed father in the “Return of the Jedi”. (That Jedi we always thought was Luke, but when we saw the prequels we learned that he was Anakin himself).

It seems almost forced, by the mere inertia of the story, that this testimony of physical death (worshiped by a Kylo Ren lost by years of dark machinations of Snoke on his immature mind) be succeeded by the spiritual presence of Anakin in the IX, as colophon that connects and makes sense to all the films of the saga.

Of course it would be much more satisfying if Hyden Christensen himself were the actor who gave life back to Anakin Skywalker.
He may be the key to the redemption of Ben Solo, but who will also have a lot to do with it, for better or for worse, is Rey. Rey disinherited and delegitimized. Rey of Nowhere, Rey of Nobody. Untitled, with no surname, no legacy … And it’s at this moment when I think of what connection there may be between Rey and Anakin Skywalker, and how fundamental that connection will be in the story. And if such a connection exists, it will perhaps be the only way in which Episode IX can be successful, knowing how to gear the nine films even without the need for the presence of Hyden Christensen, even though I would like to see it in the last film of the saga.




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