Kylo Ren a Rey’s words about his parents, one of the most important (and revealing) plot turns of the saga.


Kylo Ren didn’t lie about Rey’s parents. Everyone was obsessed with who the Rey’s parents were, as if that were relevant. But it was not. It is not. The things in Episode VIII that most angered the most awkward fans of Star Wars were that what happened in the film does not stick to their theories, and their desires. Paradoxically, after criticizing Episode VII for being too conservative, they ran over Rian Johnson for daring to break new ground for the Skywalker saga. The relevance, the mystery, the origin and the fate of Snoke, disrupted in a stroke, which is, to my taste, one of the most sublime scenes of all Star Wars. The hand of Rey, taking the lightsaber that reaches it parallel to the ground, controlled by Kylo Ren, after splitting Snoke in half. The hand that rises from the ground and catches the lightsaber. And time seems to stop. Sublime.
They were also annoyed by everything about Luke. You see, as if all those things were not already in the story that came into the hands of Rian Johnson.
The saga grows organically, and has always done, from its very beginning. George Lucas himself didn’t know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father when he made A New Hope. It occurred to him, or in a certain way, if we play with the magical power that throbs in the stories, he discovered it, later.
And another of those things that angered them, to some fans, so much, was that Rey was of humble origin. They had fantasized, deceived in large part by all the stories of the expanded universe, and by a certain lack of imagination, with Rey being “the daughter, niece, granddaughter of”.


They could not believe the words of Ren a Rey, in the dying throne room of Snoke. Rey No one? But already the story had been warning us: Luke calls her Rey of Nowhere, in another of the memorable phrases of the film. And perhaps it’s the one that best describes the character of the scavenger.
But Ren didn´t lie. Not at all. He was completely sure of his vision, of his superiority to her, which however did not mitigate his need for her.

Rian Johnson has said it several times: when he wrote that part he was convinced that Kylo Ren was telling Rey the truth. Or, at least, that he was not lying.

Of course, J.J. Abrams can twist those words, and to have written for the IX script that Ren was lying, or that he was not, but that he had been deceived. However, is there a need for it? Any.
The turn of Rian Johnson is masterful, and we will understand it much better when we see the IX, and we have a better perspective of the sequels.
Because, who was Anakin? an outcast A slave. Son of a slave. Without father. Conceived in her by the Force. So, if the most powerful character we had known so far in the saga was a nobody, would not it make sense that Rey, with which a new cycle begins, a new awakening, of the Force … would it be so? We have been spelling it up with the titles. The special thing that is in Rey is not any bloodline. It’s something spiritual. It is the Force, the same that imbued Anakin.





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