The trailer “behind the scenes” of Star Wars Resistance leaves us a lot of interesting images.

New images of the series itself, as well as many other very interesting from different aspects of the design and production phase, make us die of wanting to enjoy Star Wars Resistance.
With a particular and precious style and, inspired by the anime, it will come to be to the trilogy of sequels what Clone Wars meant for the prequels, with stellar appearances and more or less surprising cameos of characters from the movies. Although in the case of BB8, it seems a fixed, at least this season.
We also see mysterious villains with very cool designs, some of them with a marked air to emblematic anime productions such as Robotech. The brightness that so characterized Rebels are also here, although somewhat more subtle, as well as games of light and shadows very anime, features of Japanese animation especially marked in some of the characters we see here.
We can see some example of humor that will distill the series, which I especially like, because science fiction anime with a sense of humor are my favorites; but also hints of darker moments.
We will see winks to the prequels, like the trophy that the characters Kaz and Neeko hold, that looks like a starfighter of Naboo, and the visual confirmation of the everlasting character of Leia in this series. And I’ld very surprised if we don’t see Han Solo, sooner or later. If I have to bet, as a surprise and hook at the end of this first season.
It will be very interesting to see how this series evolves and links with the facts we see in the movies.

Star Wars Resistance seems to have several layers, like the life of the protagonist, the ace pilot Kaz. On the one hand its racing pilot’s facade, scenarios where in the daily life of his experiences in the Colossus base, we see more familiar and funny scenes, like the ones starred with that droid with possible disorder of the personality, since he likes to wear a pilot helmet.
But, at the same time, his role as a spy for the newly born Resistance, and his clandestine meetings with Poe Dameron, which will put him in increasingly dangerous situations. Remember that this series is set between five and ten years before “The Force Awakens”, and that at that time the First Order has not yet been shown with all its power. Kaz’s mission, under Poe, will be to spy on it.

As a curious fact, the character of the alien Neeku is doubled in its English version by an actor that we know, the fans of Big Bang Theory.


























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